Product Care Information

Product Care Information all of our customers should know. 


We recommend cold wash only for all of our clothing items. Avoid drying clothes in dryer machine to prevent shrinkage and keep prints in good condition for longer wear. We recommend air dry clothing inside out on clothesline or hoist to extend the life of your garments. After your first wash, there may be loose threads from the manufacturing process.


As our Jewellery/Accessories can be worn everyday or only on special occasions, they will tarnish and wear over time and the area and condition they are left in.To care for your piece we suggest that you simply polish it with a polishing cloth or a jewellery cleaning solution. 

Leather Items:

Our leather items are genuinely 100%, however they will get wear & tear marks overtime with their use. To care for your leather item we suggest that you use a very damp cloth to clean any spillages or marks on you item. Although if any spillage (not water) on cowhide will stain.